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App Feelgood- Share it, flying with Scandjet to Croatia

Qoola Qvinnor to Croatien

Qoola Qvinnor to Croatien


In a few hours the producer of App Feelgood-Share it!, Maria Berg, is on her way with Scandjet, to a conferees in Croatia with Qoola Qvinnor. Pressrelease in English.

” 100 Swedish women are leaving for Croatia to inspire each other to become better at running their business and how to create quality time for yourself and how to live your dream life.

This is truly a Feelgood conference with over 40 events within three days with topics in entrepreneurship/leadership and health/wellness.”

The person behind the Qoola Qvinnor is Siv Thuresdotter,  her motto is ” Sharing is caring” – we are all looking forward to learn from each other.


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